Maxine Beech, the Celebrant

Hello! I’m delighted you’ve found this site and that you’re interested in Humanist weddings.

My main weddings website is now here: — but please read on for a quick summary.

By choosing a humanist celebrant, you are not just hiring someone to conduct your ceremony. A humanist celebrant will guide you through a journey to design and build a tailor-made wedding that is as traditional, meaningful , fun or quirky as you want it to be. We are designers, planners, advisers, creative writers, story-tellers, and public speakers. We come with bags of enthusiasm, warm smiles and lots of ideas and experience.

If you book me to be your wedding celebrant, it’s really important that I get to know you well -from key events like the first time you met and your engagement to your everyday life. I try to arrange your wedding consultation at your home.

Unlike other services, you will have ownership of your entire humanist ceremony. But don’t worry — I’ll guide you through the whole process. I’ll give you some small tasks to work on so that I know I’m creating exactly what you want. I will do all the hard work of research and writing, and you should find the whole experience fun, relaxed and enjoyable.

You can include traditional wedding vows, but some couples prefer to write their own. The process of writing your own vows is a great activity for the two of you, when many other wedding decisions can be stressful or just plain unromantic. Choosing a humanist wedding means you get to take some time out to focus on you, and why you are getting married in the first place.

I am also a mastermind of wedding money-saving and DIY weddings — after all, you’re not restricted to licensed venues so you can save a fortune!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please join me for one — I’m more than happy to meet up for a drink and an informal chat about your plans before booking.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Maxine x

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I conduct weddings and namings in the North West, North Wales, the West Midlands, London and beyond, so don’t hesitate to make an enquiry even if your event is further afield.
My address: The Shippon, Whitchurch SY13 4QY, UK

Jenny Coleman, the Celebrant

I live in Todmorden, West Yorkshire and am part of a national network of men and women who have been trained and accredited by the British Humanist Association to write and conduct non religious ceremonies. You do not have to be a Humanist to use our services but simply prefer to have a non religious ceremony.

I originally trained for the stage so have a love of English and confidence and experience of public speaking, I then retrained as an Occupational Therapist and went on to spend many years working in mental health services. The experience this gave me of working with people and helping them to achieve their personal goals has been a great basis for celebrant work.

I have been a humanist for some time and, like many other celebrants, became interested in training as a celebrant following disappointing experiences at conventional weddings and funerals, and some inspiring and moving experience of humanist ceremonies.

One of the most rewarding thing about my work is that I meet so many lovely people and have the privilege of helping them to realise their dreams for one of the most important days of their lives.

Call me: 01706812000
My mobile number is: 07970 10 60 04
My address: Eastwood Rd, Todmorden OL14 8RX, UK

Hannah McKerchar, the Celebrant

Humanism is based on the idea that we can give meaning and value to our lives by doing what is best for people and the natural world, and that we can use reason and evidence to help shape our ethical decisions, without belief in any supernatural power. Its core values of tolerance, respect and empathy are ones I try to live my life by.

My first experience of Humanism was at a friend’s wedding service several years ago. I was struck by how appropriate the ceremony seemed for the couple, and how they were able to say exactly what they meant to each other, without the constraints of a traditional service. My partner and I subsequently chose to celebrate our own marriage with a Humanist ceremony, as well as the naming of our two children.

The more I learnt about humanism the more I realised that I had always been a humanist, I just hadn’t known what to call myself.

And as an accredited humanist celebrant, I have the honour of helping people through the landmark events in their lives, working with them to craft personal ceremonies that reflect their personalities and beliefs. I find myself in a job that never ceases to amaze and inspire me, and I count myself very lucky.

My address: 124 Bedale Dr, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield HD8 9EU, UK

Daniel Glastonbury, the Celebrant

My name is Daniel Glastonbury and I am a Humanist Celebrant accredited by the British Humanist Association to perform marriages across the UK and abroad. Providing a secular ceremony, written to include your story as a couple and allow your own personalities to shine through, your Humanist ceremony will allow you to create the wedding of your dreams with the only limitation being your imagination.

I was introduced to Humanism at age 19, I spent a year being treated for cancer (Non-Hodgkins Aggressive B-Type Lymphoma) and did a lot of reading as I had so much spare time! I eventually got the all clear and I am a much better person for it, flash forward 10 years and I have travelled to all seven continents, obtained a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and generally tried to put a lot of good into the world. My Humanist beliefs mean that I believe that every person has a right to be happy, and I love the work that I do as I am able to assist in creating such beautiful and happy moments in peoples lives.

Though all Humanist Celebrants are Humanists, there is no requirement for you as a couple to share these beliefs, many choose to go for a Humanist ceremony due to sharing different faiths or because they want to create their ideal wedding in their dream location.

Your ceremony planning will start with a face to face meeting or Skype chat, where we can discuss your ideas as well as your personal story, because a Humanist ceremony is personal to you. If you decide that this is the right path for you we will start the ball rolling on creating your bespoke wedding ceremony. You’ll get a chance to see the wedding script, helping to choose the readings, music and stories told during your very special day.

If you would like to include any type of ritual, something that many couples choose to do, then we are able to include anything from ring warmings to broom jumping, hand fasting to candle lighting, and even more modern rituals such as sand pouring or whiskey blending. Tradition and ritual is what separates people from beasts, so feel free to let your imagination run wild.

I am based in Greater Manchester, however, I have performed ceremonies across the UK and I am more than happy to travel. I take many bookings, some up to two years in advance, so do get in contact so that I can pencil in your special day.

Call me: 07779 047817
My mobile number is: 07779047817
My address: 15 Lincoln Grove, Manchester M13 0DX, UK