Zena Birch, the Celebrant

My address: 78 Great Western Rd, London W11 1AF, UK

Nick Myers, the Celebrant

I have been trained and accredited by the British Humanist Association to carry out humanist wedding, partnership and naming ceremonies. I live in Worthing on the south coast and cover an area between Southampton and Hastings.

Humanists believe that we have only one life and that we should try to live it to the full and leave behind a better world for future generations.

My work as a celebrant gives me the opportunity to use the skills that I have gained in my professional life to help non religious people mark the important milestones in their life.

I spent 35 years working as a television producer so I know how to write scripts that are unique to you and how to produce and choreograph ceremonies that flow seemlessly with just the right amount of humour and gravity to suit the moment.

Having recently retired I still spend time helping to train young television producers but my main activity is writing and producing humanist ceremonies. I sit in court as a magistrate, so I understand the importance of serious ceremony. However, time spent with my three married daughters and seven grandchildren goes a long way to maintaining a strong sence of humour and love of family life!

Call me: 01903 237484
My mobile number is: 07776 251088
My address: 14 A259, Worthing BN11, UK

Kate Gee, the Celebrant

My address: St Peter’s Roundabout, Canterbury CT1 2DD, UK

Jane Blackman, the Celebrant

Jane Blackman is a Humanist Wedding, Funeral and Naming Celebrant living in West Sussex and taking non-religious and Humanist ceremonies across Sussex: in Worthing, Chichester, Brighton, Horsham, Crawley and along the South Coast. Travelling further afield or abroad can be discussed and arranged if required.

I lead ceremonies that have a Humanist philosophy. Equally I deliver those which are generally non-religious. YOU CERTAINLY DO NOT HAVE TO BE A HUMANIST TO HAVE A HUMANIST CEREMONY!

Please email me at: [email protected]

Or call me on: 07814 208087

Having had a varied career in Education for over 20 years as a Teacher and more recently a Headteacher and Education Consultant, I have a wide experience and genuine enjoyment of working with families and people from all walks of life; from a range of cultures and with differing needs and beliefs.

Weddings and Partnership Ceremonies

Weddings are wonderful occasions — a public confirmation and celebration of a very private and unique bond between two people, and each couple can make their ceremony reflect their specific feelings and personalities. Shaping each ceremony to fit the couple concerned, is part of the pleasure of writing and performing a wedding celebration.

No two ceremonies are the same; working closely with you, I can help you find a way to mark your wedding day in a way that will remain memorable for you throughout your lives together. The emphasis is always on you, and reflecting through words, music, singing, poetry, readings and symbolic actions your wishes and values in a warm and joyous way.

Humanist wedding ceremonies give you the opportunity to celebrate life, love and humanity, bringing all these elements together in a special and personal way to capture who you really are.

I will work with you to ensure that your Wedding day reflects the hopes and aspirations you have as a couple for your future together, incorporating the words and rituals that are just right for the two of you.

Please go to my Weddings page (click the red tab above) for further information.


As human beings we are all unique. We have varied views and we all live our lives differently. One thing we can usually agree on though, is that every life is special and every person matters a great deal to those who have known and loved them. So a funeral ceremony must be personal and fitting, both for the person who has died and for all of those who will miss them.

The death of someone close to us is an intensely private affair. At such a difficult time, when we feel at our least capable, we find ourselves needing to create exactly the right farewell as this will be our only chance to do so. It is always my aim to assist families at such times, hopefully easing some of the worry that is inevitably felt when arranging a funeral ceremony.

Please take a look at some of the feedback I have received on my Funerals page (click the purple tab above).

Whatever your circumstances, a Humanist or non-religious funeral can provide an appropriate and personal farewell: a true celebration of a life, no matter how long or short it has been. I can advise and help to create a unique, meaningful and celebratory tribute which I will deliver on your behalf. It won’t include anything you don’t want and it may include contributions from family members and/or friends. The ceremony can be as grand or as simple as you wish.

I regularly take ceremonies at Worthing, Chichester, Havant, Brighton, Crawley and other local crematoria, as well as burials at cemeteries and woodland burial sites across the county. I am able to travel further afield when required.


Naming and Welcoming ceremonies are truly special, individual and joyous events — a non-religious alternative to a christening or baptism. They provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new member to his/her family and community of friends.

Please go to my Naming page (click the yellow tab above) for feedback, photographs and more information — and do get in touch if you would like to discuss a Naming or Welcoming ceremony for your child/children.

Getting in touch . . .

I am always happy to meet face to face to plan any ceremony, to ensure that it is sensitive, bespoke and personal to you, your family and those who will be in attendance.

I’m always prepared to visit you at home (depending on distance) — or at an alternative venue, at a mutually convenient time; and that includes some evenings and weekends.

I am pleased to be contacted by phone: 07814 208087

or email: [email protected]

to help you make an informed choice for the future, or just to answer any questions you may have.

I can also be contacted via my Facebook Pages where there are more photographs of me at work:

Jane Blackman Humanist Ceremonies

Weddings & Partnerships — Jane Blackman

Namings & Welcomings — Jane Blackman

Funerals & Memorials — Jane Blackman

I am based between Worthing and Chichester in West Sussex but can discuss travelling further afield when required.
My address: 4 Springfield Cl, East Preston, Littlehampton BN16 2SZ, UK

Ginny Collins, the Celebrant

I conduct ceremonies which celebrate and mark significant events and occasions.

You may wish to remember a life, have a highly personal wedding ceremony, or welcome a child to the family. Humanist ceremonies enable you to do this.

Humanist weddings
are marriage or partnership ceremonies conducted in the way you would like, in any venue or outdoor location of your choice.
Humanist funerals are non-religious ceremonies that celebrate a person’s life in a way that is deeply meaningful and relevant.
Humanist baby namings are a beautiful way of celebrating a new addition to the family, at any age.

Testimonials, Facebook reviews and photos of some of the ceremonies I have led.

A long-standing member of the British Humanist Association I’m accredited and insured, an experienced script writer and will deliver your ceremony in an engaging and moving way.

I am currently Head Trainer in wedding celebrant training for the BHA.

I welcome informal enquiries so do please get in touch.

I work in London, Surrey, West Sussex and parts of Hertfordshire, Berkshire, East Sussex and Kent. I also travel abroad.
Call me: 01306 509087
My mobile number is: 07745 379428
My address: Burford Meadows, Dorking RH5 6BX, UK

Daniel Glastonbury, the Celebrant

My name is Daniel Glastonbury and I am a Humanist Celebrant accredited by the British Humanist Association to perform marriages across the UK and abroad. Providing a secular ceremony, written to include your story as a couple and allow your own personalities to shine through, your Humanist ceremony will allow you to create the wedding of your dreams with the only limitation being your imagination.

I was introduced to Humanism at age 19, I spent a year being treated for cancer (Non-Hodgkins Aggressive B-Type Lymphoma) and did a lot of reading as I had so much spare time! I eventually got the all clear and I am a much better person for it, flash forward 10 years and I have travelled to all seven continents, obtained a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and generally tried to put a lot of good into the world. My Humanist beliefs mean that I believe that every person has a right to be happy, and I love the work that I do as I am able to assist in creating such beautiful and happy moments in peoples lives.

Though all Humanist Celebrants are Humanists, there is no requirement for you as a couple to share these beliefs, many choose to go for a Humanist ceremony due to sharing different faiths or because they want to create their ideal wedding in their dream location.

Your ceremony planning will start with a face to face meeting or Skype chat, where we can discuss your ideas as well as your personal story, because a Humanist ceremony is personal to you. If you decide that this is the right path for you we will start the ball rolling on creating your bespoke wedding ceremony. You’ll get a chance to see the wedding script, helping to choose the readings, music and stories told during your very special day.

If you would like to include any type of ritual, something that many couples choose to do, then we are able to include anything from ring warmings to broom jumping, hand fasting to candle lighting, and even more modern rituals such as sand pouring or whiskey blending. Tradition and ritual is what separates people from beasts, so feel free to let your imagination run wild.

I am based in Greater Manchester, however, I have performed ceremonies across the UK and I am more than happy to travel. I take many bookings, some up to two years in advance, so do get in contact so that I can pencil in your special day.

Call me: 07779 047817
My mobile number is: 07779047817
My address: 15 Lincoln Grove, Manchester M13 0DX, UK