Peter Herridge, the Celebrant

Across the world we share common experiences of humanity: we know the delight and joy that we can experience with wonderful life events and we know the depths of sadness that we can experience in grief that somehow sit alongside the wonderful memories that we have of an individual. As a Humanist celebrant I, and my colleagues, recognize the feelings that we share as human beings and I seek to create unique ceremonies that reflect those responses.

Now based in Yeovil, I have worked as a Humanist celebrant since 2002 delivering ceremonies across the South West of England as well as several wedding celebrations across Europe. My organizational and public speaking skills were gained through a career of 32 years in the Royal Navy. I seek to live a life that is as full as possible: alongside my ceremonies work I am also involved in mental health care locally, I have my much-loved family and I have rather too many other interests, which include motorcycling, running, skiing, travel, cooking, wine, film and reading.

My view is that a personal belief system is a lifetime’s journey and I do not seek to change any cherished convictions but I also believe that those who do not hold religious belief should be able to have the dignified and thoughtful ceremonies that they desire. To those ends, my ceremonies are inclusive but secular in their character.

My address: Coppits Hill Ln, Yeovil BA21, UK

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