Noel Scott, the Celebrant

I am a Humanist celebrant in N Ireland, accredited by the British Humanist Association in Funerals (2001), Weddings (2005), and baby Namings (2006).

I am semi-retired, born 1947. I realised in 1999 that I had been a Humanist all my adult life, and my aim is to encourage and promote all types of Humanist, non-religious, ceremonies.

Ireland, North and South, is now awash with a tide of healthy secularism, which we Humanists encourage and seek to promote. There is probably an equal yearning for the kind of non-religious, Humanist, ceremony which we can provide.

Humanists care deeply about moral issues, but from a non-religious standpoint. The fact is that very many people live decent, honest, and upright lives, with full respect and consideration for others. But without belief in the supernatural; including religion, dogma, superstition, or ‘faith’.

This has always been the case throughout human history. More and more people who live this way ask themselves,

If I live a good moral life without really believing in any religion, why should I use religion at ‘ceremonial’ times? Would this not be hypocritical?

Such ‘ceremonial’ times are Weddings, baby-Namings, and Funerals.

We have full influence over the first two. But if we make our wishes clear as to the third, our loved-ones can honour and respect them when we die.

My aim is to provide the kind of non-religious, Humanist, ceremony that you want. I will construct it fully for you if you like; or work with you to refine your own ideas, or simply conduct a ceremony that you and your friends & family have produced.

Some books that might be of interest:

  • ‘Humanism, A Very Short Introduction’, by Stephen Law (2010).
  • BHA Ceremony books by Jane Wynne Willson (‘New Arrivals’, ‘Sharing the Future’, & ‘Funerals Without God’).
  • ‘Seasons of Life’, by Nigel Collins; an anthology of prose & poetry for secular ceremonies (2000).
  • ‘All in the Mind; A Farewell to God’ by Ludovic Kennedy (1999).

A meeting beforehand is recommended, if at all possible. To arrange a meeting, or if you have any further questions, please get in touch using the details on the right.

I conduct humanist ceremonies in Northern Ireland, and elsewhere by arrangement.
Call me: 02890665239
My mobile number is: 07860 444 208
My address: 74 Deramore Park S, Belfast BT9 5JY, UK

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