John Durbin, the Celebrant

I conduct funerals, wedding and partnership ceremonies on behalf of the British Humanist Association in Cardiff and South Wales. I am married with three adult children and I live in Llantwit Major in the Vale of Glamorgan.. After a long career as a manager in the NHS, I took early retirement and began to read about humanism – I soon realised that I’d been a humanist without realising it!

I have been able to bring the skills learned during my NHS career and my training as a funeral and wedding celebrant by the BHA to this next stage in my life which I find profoundly satisfying.

Dealing with the loss of someone that you’ve loved can be incredibly hard, whatever the circumstances of their death. Many people feel overwhelming sadness, perhaps anger and frustration, and sometimes even a state of confusion, when even the simplest tasks seem difficult.

With the best will in the world, no funeral celebrant can take away the feelings that come with grief, but they can help prepare a suitable ceremony for the person that you’ve lost and take some of the worry away from the occasion.

Humanist wedding ceremonies are more than a non-religious alternative to a traditional church service. Marriage and joining together a couple in a civil partnership is a joyous occasion and it is my aim to help you create a heartfelt and deeply personal ceremony which expresses your reasons for marrying and how you feel about each other. My role is to facilitate and coordinate the ceremony which allows you to have as much input as you feel comfortable with. There are common elements to ceremonies which you may choose from, add to, and order however you choose. I will help you to formulate your ideas and bring together your thoughts on vows, readings, music, symbolic gestures, guest participation, and ceremony structure into a coherent and beautifully formed script.

Please contact me if you would like to talk more about Humanist ceremonies.

I conduct humanist funerals, weddings and civil ceremonies in South Wales
Call me: 01446 792349
My mobile number is: 0771 2163135
My address: Island House, Colhugh St, Llantwit Major CF61 1RE, UK

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