Annette Furley, the Celebrant

I am a humanist and although I do not need to hold up a placard that says so, it is shorthand for the way I feel about life. I think that we should live a full and valuable life, using opportunities to learn new things and seek out experiences that enrich us. We need to value and respect life, recognising that it is not always easy to do so. I live a fulfilled life through the things I do and the support of family and friends. I don’t need religion or supernatural beings to protect me; I am guided by my values – particularly respect for life. We only get one life and therefore it is important to make it matter and live it the best way we can. It is a comfort to me to believe there is no afterlife, as that allows me to focus on this life and not to fear anything beyond that.

I feel that when we mark big events in our lives it is important to recognise the differences in us all; we come from different places, have distinct experiences, values, skills and backgrounds. We see the world differently and that is what makes our communities so rich. This is why rituals and celebrations are so important and why I lead non-religious and humanist funeral, memorial, wedding and partnership ceremonies

You will also see that I am a Doula for the Dying, which means that I support people who are coming to the end of their life. If you want to know more about what this means please do read the page that describes this in some detail.

My address: 47 Lang Ln, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 5HQ, UK

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