Jenna Catley-Richardson, the Celebrant

Jenna Catley-Richardson - 01367 253312

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome! It really is an honour and a privilege to guide and support you as together we turn vision into reality.

I am currently taking bookings for the following dates only as I am planning a new life in the French Pyrenees!

17th June 2017 to 14th August 2017

For an all inclusive fee of £500

Please get in touch to check my availability

Whether you’re busy pinning, meticulously updating your master wedding spreadsheet, or indulging in beauty treatments and bubbly, the run up to your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life.

I never tire of wedding talk or reliving the joy of my own wedding as I get swept up in the exhilarating anticipation of the couples who have chosen me as their Celebrant.

Being a lifelong humanist and an old-fashioned romantic, becoming a Wedding Celebrant was a dream come true for me. Get to know me better at my brand new blog.

As an extremely creative and open-minded Celebrant I will help you to think outside the box to achieve a unique, heartfelt, and deeply personal celebration of marriage through a truly meaningful and memorable ceremony.

I am here to facilitate and coordinate every aspect of your ceremony and to help you to confidently express yourselves through your ceremony choices within a coherent and beautifully formed script.

I believe in having fun with each and every detail of your ceremony by redefining the conventional ceremony in order to suit your own passions and personalities. Find out how I work with my lovely couples here.

I live in rural Gloucestershire on the edge of the Cotswolds, closely bordering both Oxfordshire and Wiltshire; so I am conveniently situated to serve nearby towns Swindon, Oxford, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Reading, as well as the scrumptious villages across the Cotswolds. I love working up to and around Birmingham where I grew up and most of my family still live. I also serve venues in Hampshire and Dorset, where we love to spend time as a family as often as possible; and in and around beautiful Bath where we have close friends and happy memories as a couple.
Call me: 01367 253312
My mobile number is: 07903 578211
My address: Oak St, Lechlade GL7 3BA, UK

Hannah Hart, the Celebrant

Hannah Hart - 01242 516083

“The ceremony was really warm, meaningful and personal, and yet totally unpretentious.”

I live in Cheltenham and conduct namings, weddings and funerals in and around Gloucestershire with occasional excursions further afield (including overseas weddings).

I first found out about humanist ceremonies when I joined the British Humanist Association in 2005. I loved the concept and immediately felt that becoming a celebrant was something I would find both rewarding and enjoyable. I was absolutely right and couldn’t be any happier in my work.

Whether its a large or small gathering, happy or sad, formal or more relaxed, my priority is to work with you to create a ceremony for you. Each occasion has such a distinctive feel: tt’s not just that the words spoken and components included (e.g. readings, music, symbolic actions) but the way this reflects the people or person at the centre of it.

My writing>

My delivery>

Hannah was just wonderful – she carried out a beautiful and funny service… perfect balance. Everyone commented on how lovely and smiley she was!

Call me: 01242 516083
My mobile number is: 07914 613522
My address: 1 Westwood Ln, Prestbury, Cheltenham GL52 5DL, UK

Geoffrey Benn, the Celebrant

Geoffrey Benn - 07778 590970

Welcome to my website.

For Weddings:

I specialise in creating unique wedding ceremonies tailored to celebrate the start of your married life together as a couple, reflecting the things that are important to you, your family and friends.

“Thank you so much – you have really captured US!”

No two ceremonies are the same; working with you and those close to you, I can help find a way to mark your wedding day in a way that will remain memorable for you throughout your lives together. The emphasis is always on you, and reflecting through words, music, singing, poetry, readings and symbolic actions your wishes and values in a warm and joyous way. Humanist wedding ceremonies give you the opportunity to celebrate life, love and humanity – my job is to bring all these elements together in a special and personal way to capture who you really are.

For Funerals:

A funeral is a unique, serious and solemn event. As a celebrant I will provide a dignified, personal and professional service. But it is also an occasion to celebrate a life, to do justice to its meaning and to remember the course it took and the legacy that it leaves. Music, readings and poetry can play their parts, as can humour and affection. Let me help create a lasting memory of your loved one.

I have been married for almost 40 years and have a grown up family. I have spent most of my working life as a director of large care organisations, working with people to improve the lives of those less fortunate than I have been.

If you are thinking about a non-religeous wedding ceremony, do give me a call – I’d be delighted to see how we could work together.

I conduct humanist weddings and funerals across the Cotswolds, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. I am happy to discuss travelling further afield and overseas.
Call me: 07778 590970
My mobile number is: 07778 590970
My address: 1 Hospital Rd, Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0BN, UK

Chris Edwards, the Celebrant

Chris Edwards -

Hi, I’m Chris Edwards. I’m trained and accredited by the British Humanist Association to lead Weddings, Funerals and Namings. At this point, if I were you, I’d be wondering what’s different about this bloke and why should I use him?’ Well, if you read on I’ll try to tell you about me and what I can offer you.

My life

In the late 60’s I grew my hair and went in search of love and peace. Eight years later I trained and worked as an actor. During this period I met Sarah and, as I was resting rather more than working, I retrained as a mental health social worker. After 15 years of marriage we had our daughter Liv and moved to an idyllic hamlet. I found myself, after twenty-five years, working as a health and social care senior manager and trainer and I’d had enough. So I retired, retrain as a celebrant and here I am at your service.

My humanism

I’ve known I was an atheist since I was 19 and in a hospital waiting to hear about a friend who was fighting for her life after a car accident. I thought I should pray but knew, as I think I always had, that there was nothing out there to pray to. I’m please to say she survived.

I came upon humanism through the funerals of Sarah’s parents. I learnt more from an old actor friend who’s a celebrant in Brighton. It just seemed to fit. It was how I thought. It was me. The best bit was that I didn’t have to agree with, or believe in the same things, as other humanists. I could just honestly and truthfully be me.

My promise

I promise to deliver a fantastic ceremony based on your wishes and needs. Don’t worry I have lots of ideas to help you decide and whether its a marriage, funeral, naming, or any other type of ceremony, you will always see a draft ceremony script before the day. I can then update the script based on your comments so the final words, whilst written by me, are the words you want. I see my role as making the ceremony seamless, so if something unexpected happens I’ll deal with it, if someone forgets their words I’ll have them, if someone doesn’t turn up I’ll fill in. For the time of the ceremony I’ll take control and make sure you have the ceremony that you planned. If you think I can help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Your ceremony can be traditional or avante garde. You could book a palace or be on the balcony of a flat. We could battle the wind at the top of a mountain, shelter in a cave or the back room of a pub. You could wear flip flops and shorts; clown suites; haute couture or top hat and tails. The choice is yours. And we haven’t even started talking about music, readings, vows, friends and family involvement, the layout of the ceremony, rites of passage, day or night or this country or abroad. All I ask is that it’s non-religious. The day should be a brilliant occasion, but remember, the important issue is what is in your heart and your head. Yes, this is a time for fun and spectacle but it is also a time for gravitas. A marriage should be an intimate and loving relationship which gives both partners’ security, friendship, equality, companionship, respect, support, comfort, and a deep love that penetrates every aspect of life. The ceremony is a statement of intent about the future with vows and promises made. And remember the commitments made are not just for the anniversaries but for the 364 days in between. Your ceremony should reflect all of this and I’ll help you to get it right.


A funeral is a time to remember a life lived. Not a perfect life but a real one. A time to say goodbye in your own way. A time to share your loss with family and friends, a time to reflect on your relationship with the person who has died whether you knew them for a moment, an hour, a year or a lifetime. Whether the ceremony is at the crematorium, burial ground or local pub it should reflect the way the person lived their life and be the ceremony you want. Many people want a traditional ceremony and that’s fine, but if that’s not what you want that’s also fine. I’ll help you create the ceremony you want.


What is more important than giving someone the name the world will know them by and introducing them formally to friends and family. As with marriage the ceremony is a time for fun and spectacle but it is also a time for gravitas. It’s a time to ask the people you value and trust to share the responsibility, whether they are Guide-Parents, or my favourite, Odd-Parents. Its time to involve the family. Whether in your back garden, village hall or hotel the ceremony should reflect your wishes and I’m here to make that happen.

Other ceremonies

I’m available for any type of ceremony, whether memorial, wake, acting as a master of ceremonies or leading a divorce ceremony [I haven’t done one yet but I live in hope] and I will do my very best to give you the ceremony you want.

My address: 31 Mabel’s Furlong, Ledbury HR8 2HQ, UK

Daniel Glastonbury, the Celebrant

Daniel Glastonbury - 07779 047817

My name is Daniel Glastonbury and I am a Humanist Celebrant accredited by the British Humanist Association to perform marriages across the UK and abroad. Providing a secular ceremony, written to include your story as a couple and allow your own personalities to shine through, your Humanist ceremony will allow you to create the wedding of your dreams with the only limitation being your imagination.

I was introduced to Humanism at age 19, I spent a year being treated for cancer (Non-Hodgkins Aggressive B-Type Lymphoma) and did a lot of reading as I had so much spare time! I eventually got the all clear and I am a much better person for it, flash forward 10 years and I have travelled to all seven continents, obtained a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and generally tried to put a lot of good into the world. My Humanist beliefs mean that I believe that every person has a right to be happy, and I love the work that I do as I am able to assist in creating such beautiful and happy moments in peoples lives.

Though all Humanist Celebrants are Humanists, there is no requirement for you as a couple to share these beliefs, many choose to go for a Humanist ceremony due to sharing different faiths or because they want to create their ideal wedding in their dream location.

Your ceremony planning will start with a face to face meeting or Skype chat, where we can discuss your ideas as well as your personal story, because a Humanist ceremony is personal to you. If you decide that this is the right path for you we will start the ball rolling on creating your bespoke wedding ceremony. You’ll get a chance to see the wedding script, helping to choose the readings, music and stories told during your very special day.

If you would like to include any type of ritual, something that many couples choose to do, then we are able to include anything from ring warmings to broom jumping, hand fasting to candle lighting, and even more modern rituals such as sand pouring or whiskey blending. Tradition and ritual is what separates people from beasts, so feel free to let your imagination run wild.

I am based in Greater Manchester, however, I have performed ceremonies across the UK and I am more than happy to travel. I take many bookings, some up to two years in advance, so do get in contact so that I can pencil in your special day.

Call me: 07779 047817
My mobile number is: 07779047817
My address: 15 Lincoln Grove, Manchester M13 0DX, UK